Volunteer Opportunities – Operations

Volunteer Operations/Administrative. Photo © Ilona Berzups.

Greater Seattle Cares is growing! In fact we are expanding so quickly, we could use your assistance with several ongoing projects. With additional support from our community, we have the ability to do even more for the homeless. We are now looking for caring individuals who are interested in joining our team as we make this happen. Contact us to volunteer and to learn more about current opportunities. We also have Volunteer Opportunities for Encampments Direct.

Volunteer Support Operations / Administrative

Communications Committee member – Newsletter

  • Description: Compile a concise, informative newsletter periodically and distribute to GSC supporters, volunteers and clients. Solicit content from Board members, other committees, and outside sources. Receive and edit content to compile newsletter. Work with the Chair for the timing and distribution of the newsletter.
  • Level of Commitment: At least c. 10 hrs. per quarter; one or two people needed to collaborate on the newsletter
  • Duration: 6 month commitment requested.
  • When/Where: Work from your own computer. Board members and other committees may provide content and final review/approval of newsletter.
  • Skills/Tools: JJournalistic writing/editing experience. Good people skills and ability to work with a team of people.
  • Committee Chair: Roger Franz

Communications Committee member – Blog / Social Media

  • Description: Moderate/edit postings. Author, find and post content making the audience aware of events relating to homelessness. Follow up on suggestions from others about posting informative content. Work with the Chair and other committee members so support a consistent message through all communication channels.
  • Level of Commitment: Flexible, c. 1 – 2 hrs. per week; one or two people needed to collaborate on content for social media
  • Duration: 90 day commitment requested for moderator/editor role
  • When/Where: Work from your own computer. Others may suggest content.
  • Skills/Tools: Familiarity with electronic media. Good language and writing skills. Ability to work with a team of people.
  • Committee Chair: Roger Franz

Communications Committee member – Photography/ Videography

  • Description: Take stills and videos at various tent camps, advocacy events and other related venues, obtaining permission for any photos/videos. Make them available for GSC use in newsletters, social media, and on the website.
  • Level of Commitment: As needed and available to record events.
  • Duration: Open
  • When/Where: Camp locations vary. Committee chairs will suggest upcoming opportunities as well.
  • Skills/Tools: Your own camera/video camera and computer for recoding and editing. Preparing media for the web.
  • Committee Chair: Roger Franz

 Gleaning/distribution of food and supplies

  • Description: Participate with the Board Gleaning team to collect items from designated retailers and food banks on a regular schedule. Distribute those items to the various homeless encampments and other non-profit groups.
  • Level of Commitment: Typically mornings, one day or more per week, varies by location
  • Duration: On going, 6 month commitment is requested
  • When/Where: Varies
  • Skills/Tools: Your own transportation and ability to make judgments on the best way to distribute goods in a timely manner.
  • Committee Chair: Leslie Nodtvedt

Dental Program Manager

  • Description:The Dental Program Manager oversees the dental program, acting as a liaison between Tent City 3 (TC3) and Medical Teams International (MTI), and coordinating the all the dental program volunteers. The Program Manager:
    • Stores a locked filing cabinet with the dental charts.
    • In coordination with MTI and Husky Health Bridge (HHB), arranges dates for the MTI dental clinic to visit TC3 or other homeless encampments supported by Greater Seattle Cares.
    • Informs SHARE’s Tent City Organizer of the clinic dates.
    • Delivers an appointment sign-up sheet to camp a week before the clinic date, either in person or through the SHARE TCO.
    • Calls the camp on the Friday before the clinic to get patients’ names; pulls charts for patients who have been seen before.
    • Makes up blank charts.
    • Delivers all charts (blank and for prior patients) to the Mobile Clinic Volunteer or to the camp the morning of the clinic.
    • Assures pick up of the charts and secure storage after the clinic.  
    • Finds Dental Case Managers to work with patients who need follow-up care.
    • Provide an informal monthly email report to the Greater Seattle Cares board about dental program  activity.
  • Level of Commitment:About 3-4 hours per clinic.
  • Duration:One year commitment is requested.
  • When/Where:One week a month before a scheduled clinic; work can be done from home.
  • Skills/Tools:Excellent organizational skills, good communication and follow up skills; your own transportation to be used to get to Tent City 3.
  • Committee Chair: Cindy Roat

Mobile Clinic Volunteer

  • Description: The Mobile Clinic Volunteers provide on-site coordination when the Medical Teams International (MTI) dental van comes to Tent City 3 (TC3). Their responsibilities include:
    • Assure that the patients on the sign-up sheet are ready to be seen when the dentist is ready.
    • Make sure the patients fill out the necessary paperwork in the chart.
    • Make sure the charts are returned to the Dental Program Manager after the clinic is over.
    • Provide a list to the Dental Program Manager of patients who need follow-up services.
  • Level of Commitment: One shift (either 7-11 am or 11 am-3 pm) on the Saturdays when MTI comes to TC3.
  • Duration: At least two shifts over the course of a year.
  • When/Where: The MTI mobile clinic visits TC3 one Saturday per month, providing services between 8:00 – 2:00. The location varies, as TC3 moves from site to site every three months, usually somewhere on the west side of Lake Washington, from Shoreline to Tukwila.
  • Skills/Tools: Responsible, organized, non-judgmental. You will need your own transportation to get to the clinics sites.
  • Committee Chair: Cindy Roat

Dental Case Manager

  • Description: The Dental Case Manager helps find services for patients who need more care than they can receive on the Medical Teams International (MTI) Mobile Dental Clinic. Greater Seattle Cares works with a dentist and denturist in downtown Seattle, as well as with Project Access Northwest at Swedish Medical Center. Some camp residents just need the phone numbers, others need assistance in setting up appointments, while some actually need to be taken to appointments or taken back to camp after oral surgery. Many need help in navigating the system and they all benefit from having someone who cares about how the appointment went and how they’re recuperating. Each Dental Case Manager will start navigating one patient and may take on more depending on interest and commitment.
  • Level of Commitment: A half-hour per week for the course of the needed treatment. The need can be as short as one phone call or as long as 6 months, depending on the patient.
  • Duration:One year commitment is requested
  • When/Where:Varies by location of the homeless camps; denturist and dental schools are in Seattle but much work can be done by phone.
  • Skills/Tools: Responsible, organized, non-judgmental, patient. Good communication and follow up skills, positive attitude, access to a phone.
  • Committee Chair: Cindy Roat

Community awareness assistant

  • Description: Work with the committee chair to identify sources of funding for the programs of GSC. Follow up with proposals, applications, and inquiries to different agencies, companies and private sources to obtain funding.
  • Level of Commitment: Varies widely based on need; est. 5 hrs. per month
  • Duration: One year commitment is requested
  • When/Where: Work from home, with occasional meetings with potential funders, the GSC Board, and in community events
  • Skills/Tools: Good communications skills, familiarity with grant and proposal writing, knowledge of non-profit funding processes is very helpful
  • Committee Chair: Frances Posel

Meal Calendar Outreach

  • Description: Calls local churches/organizations to get them to provide meals for any of the three encampments in their neighborhood.
  • Level of Commitment: An hour a week, more or less
  • Duration: One year commitment is requested
  • When/Where: Work from home with a telephone and over the internet
  • Skills/Tools: Good communications skills
  • Committee Chair: Bill Bear

Community Outreach

  • Description: Calls religious and civil service organizations to expand our communications network.
  • Level of Commitment: An hour a week, more or less
  • Duration: One year commitment is requested
  • When/Where: Work from home with a telephone and over the internet
  • Skills/Tools: Good communications skills
  • Committee Chair: Responds directly to the board.