Financial Contributions

"Your dollars can provide a safe place to land for a person in crisis."

Raising funds for Tent City 3. Photo © Ilona Berzups.

Making a financial contribution

Greater Seattle Cares is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution. Any donations made to Greater Seattle Cares are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Tax ID# 80-0168120

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Buy book of Homeless Poetry and support Tent City 3, $15.00

Purchase A View from the Street, a book of Homeless Poetry by Matthew R. Barrett. All proceeds are generously donated to Tent City 3.
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Other ways to donate

What your dollars help support

A few examples of what your dollars help support – from the camp’s day-to-day operational needs to GSC’s special projects.

  • Purchasing supplies for move day
  • Purchasing food for a community group that wants to cook but has no funds
  • Restocking the pantry
  • Purchasing tents and tarps

What your donation can buy

  • $15 will buy enough paper plates for every resident to eat dinner for three days.
  • $20 will buy a pair of heavy wool socks
  • $90 will buy a 7’ x 9’ Coleman tent to house one camp resident.
  • $85 will buy a pair of steel-toed work boots so someone can get a job.
  • $220 will buy a 16’ x 7’ Coleman tent that will house a family.
  • $500 pays for supplies for one move.
  • $6,500 (paid to SHARE) will maintain TC3 for one month, paying for Honey Buckets, garbage pick-up and bus tickets.