Financial Contributions

Your dollars can help stop the cycle of homelessness

Raising funds for Tent City 3, by Ilona Berzups

Making a financial contribution

You decide how much to donate after selecting an option below. Pick a project or let GSC decide how best to allocate your funds. For example, help provide better health and improved self-esteem through our Denture Project.

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  • Buy book of Homeless Poetry and support Tent City 3, $15.00

Purchase A View from the Street, a book of Homeless Poetry by Matthew R. Barrett. All proceeds are generously donated to Tent City 3.
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What your dollars help support

A few examples of what your dollars help support – from the camp’s day-to-day operational needs to GSC’s special projects.

  • Sponsoring the Medical Teams International Mobile Dental Clinic
  • The GSC Denture Program
  • Purchasing supplies for move day
  • Restocking the pantry
  • Purchasing bus tickets
  • Paying for the Honey Buckets (Porta-potties)
  • Paying for garbage pick-up

What your donation can buy

  • $9 buys a large roll of Gorilla tape, which the campers use to repair tents and keep the camp together.
  • $50 buys a basic two-man tent.
  • $120 buys a commercial-grade 100-cup coffee maker, to supply campers with a hot drink to keep them warm in winter.
  • $150 buys the makings for a hot meal for 100 TC3 campers.
  • $175 can buy a portable carport, which can be used to create a dry public gathering area in the camp.
  • $250 buys the supplies for one Move Day.
  • $350 buys a full upper or lower denture for a camper with missing teeth.
  • $400 brings the MTI dental van to Tent City 3 for one visit, during which two dentists can see 14 -20 patients.
  • $4500 will pay for porta-potties, garbage pick-up and bus tickets for the camp for one month.