TC3 – What’s Needed?

Tent City 3 – Immediate Needs

As of 4/26/17, Tent City 3 is in need of:

  • batteries, AAA, AA, D and C
  • duct tape
  • black markers
  • water
  • ice
  • gas cards

As of 4/10/17, Tent City 3 is in need of:

  • Gas cards or gasoline to run the camp’s generator, as there is no electricity at the current site.
  • Large jugs of water, or a fill-up of the camp’s water coolers, as there is no water at the current site.
    If you would like to fill up the camp’s water coolers, you can pick up the empty ones at camp and fill them up at the Fred Meyer just down the street on 129th. There is a water dispensing machine there that will fill up 5 gallons for $2.00.


Tent City 3 moved last weekend to private land on the southeast corner of S 129th St. and Martin Luther King Way, an easy jump off of I-5. Many residents abandoned the camp when it moved, and 18 stalwart souls moved everything for a camp that usually serves 100. The current site is very muddy, with no electricity, no water and no church host.

Since moving, the camp has grown back up to 30, with several families with small children. Until the camp moves to St. Joseph’s in June, there will be an on-going need for the following:

  • Refills for the propane tanks, so they can use their gas grill to cook.
  • Gasoline cards, so they can run a generator for electricity.

Please search your hearts and see if you could provide some support for this camp. Without a church host, with no water and no electricity, this camp really needs help right now. Here’s what you can do:

  • Pick up empty propane tanks, fill and return them to camp.
  • Pick up empty gas cans, fill and return them to camp. (There is a Shell station on 129th just to the west of the camp.)
  • Drop off some gas cards at camp – something they can use at the Shell station.
  • Make a donation to Greater Seattle Cares earmarked for Tent City 3, so that we can meet these needs.  

Many thanks for anything you can do to help!

Please contact the camp directly to see if this may have changed. Also, please see the general needs list for ongoing needs.