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Encampment Locations

LIVE Google map of all Homeless Encampments. Camps denoted in brown are supported by Greater Seattle Cares.

Tent City 3 (TC3)
The George
2212 NE 125th St, Seattle, WA 98125 [map/directions]
Duration: 8/28/16 – Until mid-to late-December
Size: 97
Contact: Marvin Futrell III, 206-448-7889 / tc3@sharewheel.org
Or call the camp directly at 206-399-0412
Tent City 4 (TC4)
High Point,
Exit 20 on I-90, Issaquah, WA
Duration: until 9/25/2016
Size: Camp is accepting applications at this time.
Contact: 206-618-3901

Tent City 5 (TC5)
Interbay neighborhood, in Ballard
3234 17th Ave. West (on 17th W between W Dravus & W Bertona)
Seattle, WA 98119 [map/directions]
Duration: November 19, 2015 – November 2016, with the possibility of renewal
Size: 53, max 55
Contact: SHARE at 206-356-4484 or tc5interbay@sharewheel.org
Camp Unity Eastside (CUE)
Carol Edwards Center
17401 133rd Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072
Duration: until 11/9/2016
Size: 26
Contact: 425-652-9170 / campunityeastside@gmail.com / www.campunityeastside.com
Camp United We Stand (CUWS)
Richmond Beach Congregational United Church of Christ
1512 Northwest 195th St. Shoreline, WA 98177 [map/directions]
Duration: 7/1/16 to 11/6/16 (moving to St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church)
Size: 25
Contact: 206-637-1052 / CampUnitedWeStand.2017@yahoo.com 
Camp Second Chance
Unpermitted land at at 9625 Myers Way S. Seattle, WA 98108 [map/directions]
(This is unused City of Seattle property, on what is known as the ‘Myers Parcels.’)
Moved as of July 23, 2016
Next move date: unknown

This camp is looking for a host as soon as possible.

Contact: 206-578-6551  / campsctg@gmail.com 

Nickelsville Ballard (NICB)
2826 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA  [map/directions]
Duration: November 19, 2015 – November 2016, with the possibility of renewal
Size: 24, max 24
Contact: 206-390-9292
Nickelsville Union (NICU), The Tiny House Village
22nd and E Union, Seattle, WA  [map/directions]
Duration: November, 2015 – indefinitely
Size: 20, max 20
Contact: 206-601-0999
Nickelsville Othello Village (NIOV)
7544 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Seattle, WA [map/directions]
Duration: November, 2015 – November 2016, with the possibility of renewal
Size: 85 max
Contact: 425-615-0800