CSCTG – Code of Conduct

We are a Community. Please respect the rights and privacy of your fellow campers/citizens.

Camp Second Chance is a Drug and Alcohol Free encampment. Sobriety is Required! You cannot be high on your security shift. If you are, you must seek help and have appropriate supporting paperwork.

  • NO Drugs or Alcohol-If you are caught the First time, you are required to get treatment and upon your return, you must show written proof of receiving that treatment.
  • The second offense, you must Meet with the BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD) who will decide what the appropriate action is. It can be up to and including a certain number of days out of camp up to a permanent site bar – (This meeting is mandatory and must be done BEFORE you can return to camp).
  • If there is a third offense, you are PERMANENTLY barred from the camp!

Violence, Threatening another, Racial Slurs (including homophobic statements) are a PERMANENT Bar.

Theft of ANY kind is also a PERMANENT Bar.


  • A machete MUST be checked at the front desk, OR the camp notified that it is a trade tool that is a necessity for your job.
  • You MUST notify camp when you have or are carrying over a 3 1/2 inch knife.

NO resident may enter another person’s tent UNLESS it is for a well check or a medical emergency. A person may enter another’s tent ONLY if at least 1 of the residents of that tent is present. When someone leaves camp for a day or two, they may call the camp phone to give another camper permission to enter their tent to close windows or to make it safe.

NO open flames inside any camp tents or personal tents.

  • NO lighted candles that require a lighter or match. Battery candles are camp approved.
  • Vaping IS acceptable within your tent.

NO illegal activities within the neighborhood. (You may accept a dinner invitation IF one is extended to you by a neighbor) But

NO soliciting OR panhandling within the neighborhood.