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  • Location of Encampments in Greater Seattle

        There are more than just the three tent cities that have been around for a while. In addition to Tent City 3 and Tent City 4 and Nicklesville that have SHARE/WHEEL sponsorship, There are two non SHARE/WHEEL camps Camp Unity Eastside and United …

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  • Fooddrivetentcity3waldorfschool1

    Seattle Waldorf High School food drive for Tent City 3

    It is not easy to make a noticeable dent in the homelessness that plagues Seattle, but with the help of the community around you, one can make a difference. A few months ago, Olivia Dunkley and I set forth to create have a food drive …

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  • Denture Project, oral surgery team

    Help fund the Denture Project

    Greater Seattle Cares is embarking on an exciting new initiative, and we need your help. Putting teeth into our support for TC3 For many years, GSC has been partnering with Medical Teams International to regularly bring a mobile dental clinic to Tent City 3, to …

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  • MTI dental van at SPU, by Cindy Roat

    Mobile Dental Clinic

    For several years now, GSC has been partnering with Medical Teams International (MTI) to bring one of their mobile dental clinics to Tent City 3. Every month or two, MTI employee Ellen Broyles maneuvers this incredible vehicle through the city to wherever Tent City is …

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  • Tent City 3 camper Donald with gleaned items

    Gleaning Project: GSC Goes Green

    Have you ever wondered what happens to merchandise that has been opened and then returned to a store? What about new food and sundries that are either surplus or manufactured as samples? It might surprise you to know these items are typically sold as salvage …

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