Lloyd Pendleton and Utah’s Homeless Approach

Everett Housing forum hosted Lloyd Pendleton at their November meeting.

He is the architect of the efforts in Utah that housed 98% of their homeless population. We can learn a lot from their efforts to build positive action and strong teamwork in the over all plans.

Watch the video or download the slide show presentation and share your thoughts.

  1. Roger Franz01-10-2016

    Yes, they have mostly solved their chronic homelessness problem. But not the rest of homelessness, not by a long shot.


    They have a 1000-bed shelter that they want to update and expand. The Latter-Day Saints Church has a large hand in creating the political will (and funding) to do this (mentioned in that article).

    They have the same kinds of disagreements that we have here in Seattle:

    14,000 other homeless in Salt Lake City need solutions too.

    However, the CHRONIC homeless were consuming 60% of resources, though they were a small percentage of the homeless population.

    All communities face the same problem. The chronic homeless consume a large chunk of resources. In Seattle, they’ve been termed “long term stayers.” They stay in shelter a long time. They use 70-75% of resources.

    The real answer, of course, is to offer them some sort of housing. This should be more akin to 1811 Eastlake than the other homeless housing programs in the area. And that’s Utah’s strategy.

    Yet, what about the other homeless? Many will get out of homelessness by themselves. Others will become chronic.