Tent City 3 ADA-compliant shower, by Marc Weinberg

Greater Seattle Cares has much to be thankful for. Our community partners and volunteers are responsible for donating many 100-cup coffee makers, several microwaves, blankets, hats, scarves, clothing, canned and fresh food items, and chemical hand warmers. Here’s some of the other things that, together with our supporters, we were able to accomplish in 2011:

  • Sponsored bi-monthly visits from the Medical Teams International Mobile Dental Clinic
  • Coordinated the delivery of 350 meals
  • Partnered with the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Let Kids Be Kids and many individual donors to provide 102 cots for Tent City 3 residents
  • Organized Move Day meals with host sites
  • Purchased carports, tents and fencing for the camp
  • Financed and built a portable ADA-compliant shower
  • Testified in support of Tent City 3 at five community meetings for potential host sites
  • Donated $5000 for bus tickets and sanitation when SHARE funding was temporarily cut
  • Through gleaning efforts, provided food, tents and other Tent City 3 essentials
  • Purchased food and food serving items for the camp
  • Supported SHARE fund raising efforts